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My Friends


Do you feel my heart ?
Do you feel my soul ?
Do you feel my breathing ?
No, my darling you can’t feel it
‘cause, you are a boy.
I don’t wanna talk to you
I just miss you, that’s all,
And nobody understand me
How I feel for you , this moment.
I’m coming every day
To meet your hot looks,
But you weren’t there ,since five days.
I don’t know what I have to do,
But I think I still love you so…
I enjoy the silence
And I want enjoy you, too ..
But somebody brake the silence
And I don’t know who ?!
Do you remember ?
We never talk about it…
We are so far in love.
I dream of you…
You kiss me like a full,
But my dream is not come true…
Oh my darling
Oh, my little Prince
Can’t you see the feelings ?
That’s a game,
A funny game of us
Oh, my baby
Don’t you see
You’re a thrill for me.